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As always, starting up a band is a tough road. Nevertheless, we all feel the necessity to put our music on tape for the masses to hear. Starting November 3rd, we're in the process of recording our debut album which will be released independently in early 2017.


The upcoming album will contain 10 new tracks with over 40 minutes of pure heavystonerbluesgrooverocksludgemetal at its finest. Be ready for some seriously heavy riffing, grooving and moving!

The album will be produced, mixed and mastered by Tymon Kruidenier, known for his work with Exivious, Cynic, Our Oceans and ONEGODLESS' EP "The Beaten Path" (released under previous bandname Mourn).

In late 2013, ONEGODLESS decided to bring nothing new. Since everything already had been done before, and everything else wouldn't be worth making, these brave young men decided to do something entirely different: to acknowledge their total lack of cutting edge. Trying not to copy other bands, this band makes a mixture of Metal, Rock and Blues like a lot of other bands before them. Bands you of course have heard of, going from Pantera and Down to Black Sabbath and Black Label Society.

Founding member Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, Exivious), found like minded forces in Pieter Verpaalen (ex-Textures), Yordi Lopez (Red Eyes) and Yuma van Eekelen (Exivious, ex-Pestilence) to walk this beaten path of metal. The result is a grooving metal machine that does not stop until you're beating your head to the sound of the riffs. You could describe its genre as HEAVYSTONERBLUESGROOVEROCKSLUDGEMETAL. ONEGODLESS's heavily riff oriented music trades technical prowess and speed for groove and feel boldly going where many bands have gone before.

Around the summer of 2014 ONEGODLESS recorded their first EP "The Beaten Path" (released under their previous name MOURN) to start their road to world domination. This EP brought 3 of their most powerful songs to give you a little taste of their music.

In november 2016, ONEGODLESS will record their debut album. Stay tuned for the groove!
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